I found greater authenticity and creativity through writing. 

I am a non-fiction writer on topics including governance, leadership, mental health and diversity.

I am a member of the Society of Authors.

I am a regular contributor for Media Diversity Institute and Brightside Publishing’s Broadstairs Beacon. I have also written for truth magazine (Rebel Hearts Rebel Girls), Law.com International, and Isle of Thanet News.

Recent articles can be found here.

Narrative non-fiction / Memoir

I am a debut author seeking publication. My 95,000 word book is entitled My Nearest Relative is Grief. 

The central story is becoming my mother’s nearest relative under the UK Mental Health Act; that experience is compounded by my own complex-PTSD. It is framed around the seven stages of grief but finds hope in the darkest places.

A key theme of the book is legitimating grief when no-one has died. It is an incredibly important coming of age story from a Black British voice not often heard in contemporary non-fiction. Extracts of the book have been prepared for radio / podcast release.


In early 2022, I started a blog entitled outRAGEous which will eventually be co-opted by Broadstairs Consulting. The blog is a synergy of my love of politics and passion for activism; it provides a conduit for commentary on the scandals of our times.


I am writing a debut women’s fiction novel entitled One Turn Around the Sun.

This love story follows a Black Dutch girl through her 30th year amongst members of the British upper class, navigating prejudice and microaggressions from friends who profess to love her the most, friends who may eventually become family.

The novel explores the intersectionality of race, class, privilege, prejudice and romance.